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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  April 3, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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she makes jimmy fallon do laps around the white house -- >> get them in shape. i know. trying to set the example for kids, hard work. >> i can imagine. >> i'm always like, do as i say, not as i do. >> no kids in my house. don't in in, don't watch -- it's awful. i like twinkies. >> uh-oh. >> stay with us, "news4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. new developments in the shooting rampage at a korean christian college in california. the ties we're learning the shooter has to our area. yeah, it is april, but we're dealing with some winter-like temperatures right now. we'll tell you what parts of the area are under a freeze warning this morning. welcome back, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. tuesday, april 3, 2012. we'll take a live look outside at 5:00 a.m. 47 degrees. i have to break out the winter coat once again. i was getting used to the warm weather, and then reality struck again, tom. here we are. >> yes. if you packed your puffy coat and put it up in the attic and
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thought you were done with it, you're going to need it again this morning. we're talking about freezing temperatures. here's that map again. those counties in light blue, they are under a freeze warning, meaning likely freezing temperatures. in fact, it is freezing now in frederick county, carroll county, and into parts of washington county, panhandle of west virginia, western maryland. closer to washington, though, just a little scattered frost in these counties in darker blue. it includes shenandoah valley and all these areas east of the blue ridge. fauquier, prince william, loudoun, montgomery, howard counties. a little scattered frost there. there might be a little bit in far western fairfax county. but most locations are generally a little above freezing, closer to washington. now reagan national at 45. parts of southern maryland, too, la plata and waldorf and parts of charles county, right down near the freezing mark, as well as southern prince george's county. and perhaps far western calvert county and anne arundel county and maybe extreme northern st. mary's. you might have scattered frost there, too.
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but the greater chance is farther west and north. sunrise, 6:49. we'll have the sun working its magic. it is april, after all. should be climbing into the 50s by late morning. by noontime, ought to be getting into the 1w6. lots of sunshine. lighter winds than yesterday. and then by mid-afternoon, may actually get to near 70 degrees parts of the region. late afternoon, 5:00, down into the mid 60s to low 60s by sunset which is at 7:34. a look at your tuesday evening planner in ten minutes. danella, good morning. how's traffic? good morning. checking the rails, they're open so far with no reported delays. now up we go to i-270. if this is your commute this morning, heading out of frederick, i'm not seeing issues through urbana to clarksburg. travel speeds southbound, looking at 65 miles per hour. i'll give you a live look now at i-270 at clarksburg road. you see very light volume as you make your way southbound. hardly any volume northbound. and in fact, as you make your way from clarksburg and head all the way to the spur, no issues for you.
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lanes are open, and if you're making your trip on the beltway now, heading from i-270 to i-95 on the inner loop, you're looking at 63 miles per hour, only taking ten minutes to make the trip. eun? >> thank you. 5:03. we are following a developing story in california. police are questioning the man accused of opening fire at a korean christian college in oakland. this morning, we're learning about his local ties to virginia. we have more live from the newsroom with more on. that good morning. >> reporter: good morning. 43-year-old one goh is in custody in california. now there are reports he lives here in the washington area before moving to the west coast. "the san francisco chronicle" is reporting goh lived in springfield and hayes, virginia, before moving to oakland a few years ago. and his brother, who was in the military, was killed in a car crash in virginia last year. police say goh went on a classroom shooting spree, asked students to line up against a wall, then opened fire at oikos university monday. he killed seven people, they say, and wounded three others.
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five people died at the scene. witnesses say he was banging on other classroom doors, as well, trying to get in. >> we heard a couple more shots ring out from the building. i guess police fired back or something. so we all got on the ground. >> there were several people hiding in locked buildings, locked doors, behind desks. as you can imagine, frightening, very scared. some of them were injured. we had to rescue them out. >> reporter: the shooting set off a chaotic manhunts that ended with goh's capture at a shopping center. he's not yet officially been charged, but police say they have recovered enough ballistic evidence to determine a handgun was used in the rampage. >> thank you, melissa. midnight midnight could make a big -- mitt romney could make a big jump in decision 2012. expected to win all three primaries today in d.c., maryland, and wisconsin. he is ahead in the polls in each contest today. so far he's won 572 delegates. that is half of what he needs to
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nail the republican presidential nomination. wisconsin would be today's big prize, 42 delegates up for grabs there. and despite his lead, rick santorum and newt gingrich have vowed to stay in the race. maryland and d.c. also hold primary races today. polls open in both locations at 7:00 this morning. they close at 8:00 tonight. >> in maryland's primary, the candidates are battling for 37 delegates in a winner-take-all contest. romney's name is on the ballot along with his three competitors, rick santorum, newt gingrich, and ron paul. >> in the district, 16 delegates are up for grabs. also in a winner-take-all contest, romney has less competition with rick santorum's name not on the ballot. d.c. voters will find five council races on the primary ballot. marion barry, who served four terms as mayor, is campaigning for his third term as councilman for ward 8. he spent last night at a meeting discussing the 2013 budget for ward 8. barry disputed the timing of the meeting with d.c. mayor vincent
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gray. >> i think it's disrespectful to have a budget meeting the night before an election is going on. >> those who needed to campaign tonight, then they should be out campaigning. i am not going to apologize. i am not going to apologize. i am not going to apologize. [ applause ] >> four candidates are challenging barry for his ward 8 seat. they include jack peterson, sandra seegars, natalie williams, and darnell gaston. and news4 will have results of the local and presidential races tonight at 11:00. and tomorrow on "news4 today." we'll also have the latest all day on stay with us. morning a maryland woman has a lot of explaining to do. she claims that she won friday's mega millions jackpot but says the winning ticket was part -- was not part of an employee pool she was running. >> i'm shocked. what's going on. >> in an interview with news4, merlandi wilson says it feels good to win the $656 million
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jackpot. the haitian immigrant works at a baltimore mcdonald's. at least five employees there say they chipped in, they gave her $5 each to buy mega millions tickets for the lottery pool. she did buy the tickets. she also says she gave her own money to another employee who bought the winning ticket separately at a 7-eleven. the woman could not show us the winning ticket. she says it is hidden in an undisclosed location. the maryland lottery says nobody has come forward to claim the winning ticket. the two other winners in friday's record-breaking jackpot have not come forward either. >> i'm confused. i want to know why she hasn't -- she's come forward to the media but hasn't revealed the winning ticket to the lottery officials to say, i'm really the winner. >> right. the people who were allegedly in this pool are saying, hey, we deserve part of this -- it's really part of our pool tickets. you know, if you've got the printout, if you xeroxed -- we have these thing. if you xerox it and hand it out like you're supposed to, there would be no question. >> i wonder if we won if we
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would have issues. then you know who your friends are. getting out of control. the incident that had hundreds taking to the streets and many headed to jail. warning of a return to new york. the online poster that has anti-terror organizations on alert this morning. and don't forget the jacket or coat, maybe gloves.
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plus a powerful decongestant. allegra-d. d-fense against allergy congestion. welcome back. take a look at this. a video camera captured this dramatic scene. a tractor-trailer and a tow truck both fall over an icy mountain road in norway. the driver of the tow truck was trying to pull the semi to safety when it went over the edge. the rescue worker jumped out just in time. but the driver of the semi was inside whether it fell 2 -- inside when it fell 200 feet. he survived but suffered multiple fractures. officials say the semi did not have the proper snow tires. if you're traveling on a mountain road in nor yea, you're going to need -- norway, you're going to need the proper snow tires. unbelievable. >> this was winding, snakelike mountainsides. it was loaded with cargo so i guess he thought it would be heavy enough. >> terrifying.
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11 minutes after the hour. meteorologist tom kierein with a look at your day ahead. tom? freezing cold start throughout much of the region this morning. we've got frost warnings and freeze advisories much of the area. right now down into low to mid 30s. here's your day planner. sunrise at 6:49. we'll be climbing quickly into the 60s by noontime. lots of sun today. actually may make it up to around 7 degrees by mid-afternoon -- 70 degrees by mid-afternoon. a dramatic jump from the cold start. the evening planner, sunset at 7:34. increasing clouds. temperatures by midnight near 60. could get light rain tomorrow. we'll talk about that, the rest of the week and weekend in ten minutes. danella is going to talk about traffic. good morning. i am. right now volume is light in our area. good news about getting up this early, no traffic. good travel speeds. traveling on 295 southbound at 32, you're at 67 miles per hour in maryland. not bad at all. looking at 69 miles per hour at the beltway, traveling along i-95, 63 miles per hour at 32. and a live look at 216, volume
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light. no issues to report pittat this time. back to you both. >> thank you, danella. ahead, paying the price for a -- for spending your tax dollars. the fallout this morning after news of a government agency's lavish trip to vegas. from the cockpit to the courtroom, what's next for the pilot for the jetblue pil [ male announcer ] a car is either luxury or it isn't. if you want a luxury car with a standard power moonroof,
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breaking news. in kentucky as many as 50 are in jail after celebrations got out of hand. university of kentucky fans flooded the streets of alexanlen shortly after the win. couches and at least one car were set on fire. a car also crashed into a brick wall outside the restaurant. the driver had minor injuries,
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but no one else was hurt. and the arrests have somewhat overshadowed the dominating win by the kentucky wildcats. they took the championship crown with the win over the jay hacks. sophomore duron lamm helped them jump to the lead in the half and the 16-point lead in the second. they pulled to winnin five points with just over a minute left. kentucky lost two games of the season. it is their eighth national championship win. impressive. congratulations. 17 after the hour. a mid or meltdown by a jetblue pilot keeping him in a jail cell. captain clayton josbon is being held. he acknowledged the charges against him but wasn't required to enter a plea. he started acting erratically during a flight last week forcing an emergency landing in texas. he's charged with interfering with a flight crew that carries
5:18 am
a sentence of up to 20 years. he'll be back in court on thursday. five people in the hospital after a plane crashed into a florida supermarket and then burst into flames. investigators say the plane crashed into a publix. two people had third-degree burns and had to be airlifted to a local hospital. investigators say they don't know how many people were in the plane -- were on the plane and in the store at the time of the crash. witnesses report seeing the plane sputter before it slammed into that building. the cause, though, is still under investigation. the fbi and police are looking for the person behind a mock movie poster warning that al qaeda wants to come back to new york city. this was posted on several web sites yesterday. it features a photo of the city at sunset with al qaeda coming soon again in new york. both the fbi and nypd say there is no evidence the poster represents a credible threat. the parents of trayvon martin want the just department to investigate a prosecutor who recused himself from the case.
5:19 am
fbi agents in sanford, florida, now, where the unarmed teen was killed by a neighborhood watch captain. george zimmerman says he shot martin in self-defense. the state attorney removed himself from the case two weeks ago. he said he wanted to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest and tone down rhetoric in the case. martin's parents want to know why the prosecutor decided ton charge george zimmerman with a crime in this case, in particular saying he wasn't charged with manslaughter. a grand jury scheduled to review the evidence in this case on tuesday. at the same time, zimmerman's lawyer says his client would turn himself in if charged in the trayvon martin case. the attorney said in an interview with reuters that zimmerman is not hiding from authorities. sanford police surveillance video shows zimmerman arriving at the police station in handcuffs the night of the shooting. he was never arrested or charged in the teen's death. what happens in vegas is supposed to stay in vegas. but nearly a million taxpayer dollars being spent on a
5:20 am
government conference has led to a sin city scandal. general services chief is resigning following a scathing report that shows the agency spent more than $800,000 in a conference in vegas. some of the expenses -- $3,200 for a mind reader. $6,325 for a commemorative coin. and $75,000 for a team-building exercise where the goal was to build a bike. in all the conference cost more than $2,700 per person. in response, two of johnson's deputies were fired, and four people who organized the conference put on leave. and former d.c. administrator dan tangralinni is tasked with taking over the agency. all agencies are asked to review conference spending. this marks the 100th anniversary of the "titanic's" maiden voyage that ended in disaster. you apparently can own some of
5:21 am
the historic pieces from the "rms titanic" that were salvaged from the ocean in april of 1912. 180 items are up for auction. some include letters written from the ship before it sank. >> most people don't know that the "titanic" stopped twice and dropped off mail. the letters came in after their sons and daughters were dead. so to get mail from the grave, they saved it. we're touched to have it. >> i didn't know that. >> wow. interesting. >> you can bid on the items on april 19 just go to >> alley-ocool. i'd love to hear what they had to say. >> about the voyage. 5:21. time for weather & traffic on the 1s. >> tom kierein has the forecast. tom? >> do you remember where you put the winter coat? yes, you're going to need it this morning. we are down near or below freezing. all these counties in blue. in the darker blue, a frost advisory. and it includes loudoun, montgomery, howard, prince william, fauquier, culpeper,
5:22 am
rappahannock, points west and points north and east. closer to washington, though. most locations don't have a freeze. there may be some scattered areas with some light frost south and east of washington. a hard freeze likely frederick county, washington county, panhandle of west
5:23 am
[ technical difficulties] not bad crossing the wilson bridge. green on both directions of the beltway. wilson bridge, flowing without issue. crossing over the wilson bridge heading into virginia, smooth commute there. here's van dorn, no issues to report at this time. and i'll give you a travel speed. if you're making your way from the wilson bridge to van dorn, 60 miles per hour. only taking six minutes to make the trip. over to the rails. no reported delays on either the metro, marc, and vre. you're looking good this morning. now back to you all. >> thank you. 5:23. in "news 4 your health" this morning, new research suggests that finding breast cancer early is not always better. researchers from harvard studied
5:24 am
several thousand women in a breast cancer screening program. they found that 15% to 20% of patients were overdiagnosed. that means they were treated for conditions that would have been harmless. researchers also say routine screenings did not decrease the number the women who ended one late stage breast cancer. experts recommend women talk to their doctors about their risk for breast cancer and how often to get mammograms. the recent criticism over pink slime has forced a meat processor to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. afa foods is one of the largest ground beef processors in the u.s. it said media coverage of pink slime has been bad for business. several grocers and fast food chains also stopped using it. the product is actually a low-cost beef filler treated with ammonium hydroxide. the fda says it does not pose a health risk. last week, another meat processor called beef products, inc., stopped operations at most of its plants. in the day ahead, vice
5:25 am
president joe biden will be in virginia talking about making college affordable. education secretary duncan will join biden in norfolk. you can join the conversation by sending questions to @vp on twitter. the vice president will answer those questions following his discussion. the capitals controlled their playoff destiny, but this morning they are skating on thin ice. >> firing -- deflected. they score! stamkos with his 57th goal. >> the leading scorer, steven stamkos, put home the game winner a minute left to lead the lightning to a 4-2 win. the caps took an early lead in the second on a goal from alex semin and tied it up late in the third with jason chim era's 20th of the season. the light poured it on to score twice. the caps still two points ahead of buffalo. they play the panthers on thursday. the outcome wasn't any better at verizon center. the wizards gave up 100 points
5:26 am
for the first time in nine games. they fell to the milwaukee bucks 112-98. jordan crawford led the game with 23 points. wizards trailed by as much as 15 but pulled within seven late in the fourth. the 7-0 run sealed the loss. they are now 12-41 on the season. pretty rough. >> it is. really rough. our time is 5:26. coming up, heading to the polls. a look at what's at stake today as voters in our area weigh in on local and national primary races. a deadly shooting in california with ties to our area. what we're learning about the gunman. plus, the calendar says april, but it feels more like january.
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stories making headlines at 5:29 -- police are questioning a man accused of killing people at a korean college in oakland. the man has ties to virginia. as many as 50 people behind bars as students celebrated the
5:30 am
tournament championship. most arrests are for alcohol violations, but police say some fires were set. voters in the district and maryland are heading to the polls. they'll be weighing in on the republican presidential race as well as key local primaries. good morning. we'll have much more throughout the morning. first, i'm eun yang. >> good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. welcome back to "news4 today" on this tuesday, april 3. primary day. as we take a live look outside this morning, it's worth noting that you might have a bundle up factor heading out. >> i stepped outside to see -- does it really actually feel cold. and yes, it does. >> it does. see, this is a true meteorologist. checking for himself -- >> yeah, sometimes you go out there. >> yeah. >> look at the numbers, feel it. and if you're going to be spending much time at the bus stop this morning, thankfully we don't have much wind. high pressure has pushed in, clearing the sky. and that's the latest view from space. and as a result of the high pressure pushing in and a calm wind and very dry condition, the temperatures have implemented. all these areas in blue are down
5:31 am
near the freezing mark across virginia, west virginia, pennsylvania, maryland, and the eastern shore. temperature now at reagan national at 45. they've got a wind off the warmer waters of the potomac. elsewhere, the counties in blue under a frost advisory. the dark blue, light blue, a freeze warning. that includes frederick, washington county, points west and the frost advisory for howard, montgomery, loudoun, prince william, rappahannock and the blue ridge. temperatures at or employ freezing. all the way down into the low to mid 30s there. in fact, even parts of southern maryland, too, in charles county. for the rest of the day today, sunrise at 6:49. by 9:00, rapidly into the 40s to near 50. by noontime, 60s and lots of sunshine. and then during the afternoon, what a dramatic change from this morning. ought to hit near 70. by late afternoon, clouds rolling in. we'll be back down to the low 60s by sunset, which is at 7:34. the evening planner in ten minutes.
5:32 am
danella? good morning, right now checking things along the dulles toll road. this this the-- this this is yo commute, here's a live look at 28. light volume east and west. the travel speed, making your way from the wolftrap area to the beltway, 58 miles per hour. only six minutes to make the trip. and rails look good with no reported delays. over to you. >> thank you, danella. new, a car slams into a 7-eleven in silver spring. the car went through a front window at the store along georgia avenue just before 4:30. as you see, there is some broken glass and damage. no one was hurt. in case you're wondering, the store is still open. >> 5:32 now. big day in local politics. d.c. and maryland both holding primaries today, and the results will set the tone for the general election in november. news4's chris gordon joins us live from montgomery county. and chris, district six is a place to watch today, right? >> reporter: good morning, aaron. it certainly is. this is the most hotly contested
5:33 am
congressional race in the entire state. everyone else seems to be safe except for roscoe bartlett. that's because the democratically controlled state legislature redrew the lines this district, eliminating parts of hartford and baltimore counties, which were conservative, adding in western montgomery county, down here to germantown where we are today. in order for the democrats to try to win this district for the first time in 20 years. first of all, let's go to the republican primary. ten-term republican congressman roscoe bartlett hesitated to run for the democratically controlled -- he hesitated to run after the democratically controlled state legislature redistricted him. as a result, seven republican challengers emerged seeking his state. most well-known, senator david brinkley and delegate kathy abcelli. robin vicor is in the race along with four others seeking the
5:34 am
republican congressional nomination. now the primary has become a referendum on bartlett's record and whether new leadership is needed for the republican party in this district. now let's go over to the democratic primary where there are five candidates competing to run for bartlett's seat in the u.s. congress. when the redistricting added parts of montgomery county, it was at first thought that the district was drawn especially for state senator rob gargiola, the state democratic majority leader in the general assembly. but a democratic dogfight shaped up as potomac financier john delaney advertised heavily that he was being endorsed by president clinton and the "washington post." polls show he is ahead in fundraising, and it's a very tight race with a lot of voters undecided. polls here at northwest high school in germantown open at 7:00. we'll have more as the morning progresses. back to you now in the studio.
5:35 am
>> chris gordon in germantown, thank you. this is also a big day for the republican presidential race. mitt romney is expected to win all three primaries today in district, maryland, and wisconsin. wisconsin has 42 delegates up for grabs. maryland has 37. and the candidates are battling for 16 delegates in the district. president obama is going after mitt romney and targeting voters in virginia. >> i'm barack obama, and i approved this message. >> his campaign just bought television advertising time in five states including the commonwealth. and that's where this ad called "remember" will air. it emphasizes the president's energy policy and criticizes romney's approach. the ad is also running in florida, iowa, nevada, and ohio. we are following a developing story out of california this morning. there are several reports that the gunman accused in a deadly school shooting in oakland once lived in virginia. 43-year-old one goh is accused of shooting ten people at oikos university. seven of the victims died. according to the "san francisco
5:36 am
chronicle," goh lived in springfield and hayes, virginia, before moving to california a few years ago. he's a former nursing student at the university. witnesses are describing the shooting as chaotic. >> stood up in the class and started firing. shot one guy in the chest. shot another person. and then he started firing like crazy. >> we heard a couple more shots ring out from the building. and i guess police fired back or something. we all got on the ground. >> goh is in police custody. he has not been charged. this morning a maryland woman claims she won the mega millions jackpot. now her co-workers say she's cheating them out of millions. >> i'm shocked. i don't know what's going on. >> in an interview with news4, merlanda wilson says it feels good to win the $656 million jackpot. the haitian immigrant works at this baltimore mcdonald's. at least five employees chipped in and gave her each $5 to buy mega millions tickets for a pool. she says she did buy the tickets, but says that the pool
5:37 am
did not win. she says she gave her own money to another employee who bought the winning ticket separately at a 7-eleven. >> reporter: the ticket that won is not the ticket that you bought within the pool? >> because everybody have their copies. >> news4 reviewed the copies, but our reporter could not see the numbers because they were faded. the woman also could not show us the winning ticket. she said she hid it in an undisclosed location. the maryland lottery says no one has come forward to claim the winning ticket. the two other winners in the world record jackpot have not come forward either. >> you know, that is the fear about office pools. you go in with people, you always run the risk, i think. >> there you go. you got to trust your employees. that would never happen to us. >> not at all. huh-uh. 5:37 now. cross your fingers, eun. trying to stop the harassment. the steps metro is taking to make sure its female riders can get to their destinations in peace. trying to fight a fire. several hundred feet in the air.
5:38 am
what's being blamed for this dramatic highrise fire. trying to stay warm before you head out this morning. [ woman ] before allegra, my allergy medicine
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took hours to work or made me drowsy. after allegra, i have the only one that's both fast and non-drowsy. after allegra, i have it all.
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a fire damaged a skyscraper under construction. slated to be the tallest building in europe. it took firefighters more than three hours to contain the flames. they were at the top of a tower west of the kremlin in moscow. this is part of the federation tower complex. investigators believe that the fire started when a plastic sheeting caught fire from a spotlight. they also believe helicopter fighting that fire may have spread some of those flames. >> i can't imagine how hard it is to fight a fire that high up in the air. >> pretty amazing stuff there. >> uh-huh. 5:41. time for weather & traffic on the 1s. tom kierein is in the storm center telling bus a chilly start. hope it warms up, tom. >> you need to look in your closets for your puffy coat this morning. it is frosty cold, 30s much of the region. here's the day planner. sunrise at 6:49. by noontime, soaring into the 60s. may actually hit near 70 mid-afternoon. by 5:00, the mid 60s with increasing clouds. here's your evening planner. sunset at 7:34. increasing clouds. near 60 by midnight. a look at tomorrow, the rest of
5:42 am
the week, and into the easter weekend in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? keeping my eye on three-vehicle crash at shady grove road and muncaster mill road. authorities on the scene. you can see two cars crashed on the side. earlier i did see cars squeezing by. for now it looks like the intersection is shut down. i'm pack this ten minutes with an update for you -- i'm back in ten minutes with an update for you. back to you. >> thank you. still ahead this morning -- on a mission to get -- help get us fit. the latest television show the first lady is using to help spread her message of good health. plus, a new look for the burgundy and gold. the jerseys some believe the redskins will be wearing now that nike is dressing them. some places i go really aggravate my allergies.
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we've been told see something, say something. this morning metro says if you feel something, say something. the agency wants riders to report unwanted sexual advances. a new awareness campaign includes new flyers that say "rub against me, and i'll expose you." riders say that happens all the time apparently. more than 80 women reported being groped or worse aboard metro trains and buses last year. >> come up to you, starts talking to you, and -- start talking to you, and saying, you look good, something like that. >> we want everyone to feel comfort riding washington metro and not be subjected to sexual harassment or assault. >> metro says the first phase of the campaign includes the ability it report and track incidents on line. metro will post customer awareness posters in the subway system and on buses. this morning a man faces charge for assaulting a metro bus driver. metro transit police say this happened on a bus near mcpherson square in northwest washington. the man was a passenger, and police say he appeared to be
5:47 am
drunk. we're told the driver was not badly hurt. a surveillance camera on the bus captured the incident. metro transit police have not released that video. this morning, d.c. police investigating the death of a man hit and killed by a garbage truck. this happened yesterday afternoon in columbia height. investigators say the man was in an alley near harvard and columbia ads. he had life threatening injuries when police arrived and died shortly after. police have not released the victim's name. a virginia grand jury will decide whether to charge a culpeper police officer in a deadly shooting. the officer shot and killed 54-year-old patricia cook in pay church parking lot in february. state police say cook trapped the officer's arm in her car window and started to drive. at least one witness said the officer's arm was not stuck. the grand jury should have a decision in may or june. fairfax county police are asking residents for ideas to stop sex assaults in wooded areas. last night they held a public meeting on their assault
5:48 am
awareness and prevention program. last month a woman told police a man dragged her into the woods in burk and assaulted her. less than a week later, a student from wt woodson high school escaped an attacker who tried to pull her into the woods. no arrests in either case. 5:48. people arrested for minor offenses are subject to innovative strip searches. the -- invasive strip searches. the decision stems from a case involving a new jersey man. he was wrongly arrested over a traffic fine. he says the two strip searches he endured while in jail violated his civil rights. some justices agreed. the majority, though, said the arrest circumstances do not matter, and strip searches in jail do not violate the constitutio constitution. crumbling roads or higher sales tax? that's the pitch that maryland governor martin o'malley is making. he told the "washington examiner" he would raise the sales tax from 6% to 7% if the extra revenue is dedicated to transportation. the governor is backing off a
5:49 am
proposal to raise the gas tax because of skyrocketing prices at the pump. the senate called a sales tax hike a non-starter earlier this year. but lawmakers are looking to raise revenues before the legislative session ends next monday. in the day ahead, vice president joe biden will be in virginia talking about making college more affordable. education secretary duncan will join biden in norfolk. you can join the conversation by sending questions to @vp on twitter. in an hour, sarah palin will co-host the "today" show. the former alaska governor will spend the 7:00 a.m. hour discussing the political primaries in d.c., maryland, and wisconsin. during the 8:00 hour, she'll move to the co-host position and help with some of the show's segments. and tonight here on nbc 4, first lady michelle obama will be a guest star on "the biggest loser." she invites the contestants for a reunion at the white house. this is not all fun, though. they still have to work out.
5:50 am
the first lady talks to them about how their behavior can impact their children's behavior. this is part of a two-part makeover episode. you can watch "the biggest loser" here on nbc 4 tonight at 8:00. ♪ ♪ oh yeah >> the smithsonian is celebrating jazz for the entire month of april. that jazz sing along was at the museum of natural history. it kicked off the 11th annual jazz appreciation month. they're celebrating with performances, tours, and porkshops throughout the city. most -- workshops throughout the city. most events are free. it houses collections including some of duke ellington's unpublished music, ella fitzgerald's famous red dress, dizzy gillespie's trumpet, among other jazz treasures displayed. very cool. definitely worth going to see that. we're so spoiled. we get to see all these amazing exhibits, monuments, museums for free in the district. >> in our own back yard. >> we should take advantage of that. speaking of our own back
5:51 am
yard, how about a look outside our window. the capitol off in the distance. as we are telling you about this morning dealing with some cooler temperatures to start the day. at 5:51, here's tom kierein. >> looking in your back yard, you may see some frost glinting off the grass this morning. and maybe even on some of the flowers that you might have prematurely planted. they're getting a little singed. the tulips are getting singed. the daffodils and counties in blue. the dark blue counties, they're under a frost advisory, meaning just scattered frost. that includes rappahannock, culpeper, fauquier, prince william, loudoun, montgomery county, howard counties. the areas in lighter blue, likely a hard freeze that's occurring now. frederick county into washington county. panhandle of west virginia, western maryland. the temperatures are right near the freezing mark. and much of northern virginia and the rural areas, even part of the southern maryland, south and east of washington, too, right near the freezing mark. and charles county, southern prince george's, montgomery
5:52 am
county, mid 30s. arlington and fairfax counties, mid 30s now. we'll have plointd of sunshine. here are -- plenty of sunshine. here are the highs -- clouds moving into the mountains by late afternoon. by then, mild in the mountains. shenandoah valley, low to mid 70s there. closer to washington, though, should hit the upper 1996 by mid-afternoon. what a dramatic warmup from this morning. in damascus, northern montgomery county, here's the hometown forecast. the planner there for the day. by 10:00, around 50. noontime, near 60. during the afternoon, ought to hit the mid 60s there in northern montgomery county and much of maryland. tonight, not as cold. by midnight, down to the mid 50s. by dawn tomorrow, we'll be starting off in the low 50s on wednesday morning with some milder air moving in tomorrow. we ought to make it into the mid 70s. and there's a small chance of a passing shower mainly during the afternoon on wednesday. then chillier air moves in for thursday. in the morning thursday, down to the low 40s. afternoon highs in the low 60s. but we'll have plenty of sunshine on thursday as we get
5:53 am
into friday. another chilly start on friday. probably no frost. ought to be down into the mid to upper 30s. and sunny on friday afternoon. the low 60s. sunny saturday, another chilly start, near 40. afternoon highs in the mid 60s. a few clouds around sunday into monday with highs in the 60s. danella, how's traffic? still following the crash. this is at shady grove road and muncaster mill road. the intersection there, involving three vehicles. two vehicles in this area. then you see here we have a van still waiting to be towed out of the roadway. i can tell threw is still debris and broken glass in the roadway. police are allowing cars to get by as you see this car drive through. please approach with caution to this intersection. it is open. but you're going to have to do some weaving and slow down. traveling i-95 northbound, hitting the brakes at fairfax county parkway, no accidents. you're just under speed as you make your way to backlick road. connecting to 395, so far no issues there. and as you cross over the 14th street bridge, you're still clear.
5:54 am
aaron, over to you. >> all right. thank you. another traffic alert therng if you drive through northern virginia. starting tonight at 9:00, crews are going to close lanes on the capital beltway near the woodrow wilson bridge. those crews will close the left lane on the inner and oops between route 1 and the eisenhower connector in the alexandria area. crews will remove the barrier. all the lanes will open in time for the morning rush tomorrow. more americans are prioritizing their car before their house. a new study by credit company transunion shows that consumers are more likely to pay their auto loans than credit cards or mortgages. last year, 39% of those surveyed were delinquents on mortgages but current on car loans. financial experts say people need cars to get to work or search for a job. many cars are worth less than -- many homes are worth less than what homeowners owe. an airline known for discount prices is charging passengers who bring a bag on a
5:55 am
plane. passengers on alethal injection ant air will have to pay -- allegiant will will have to pay $35 for bringing a bag on the plane. if you book on line, you will pay less. the operator flies out of salisbury, maryland, roanoke, virginia, along the newport news/williamsburg airport. the census bureau working to restore problems that resulted from a glitch. they want to save records dating back to 1940. government computer experts are working the site which nearly became paralyzed shortly after the records went public for the first time. a notice posted on the site this morning says some improvements have been made. and that there will be further enhancements. the national archives says the site registered more than 22 million hits in just four hours yesterday. the government is releasing the records for the first time after 72 years of confidentiality expired. today the suspended coach and general manager of the new
5:56 am
orleans saints are expected to meet with nfl commissioner roger goodell, according to espn. sean payton and mickey loomis are accused of being involved in a bounty scandal. that's when players are given monetary incentives for hurting opponent. payton has been suspended for the entire 2012 season. loomis for the first eight games. goodell has previously said he expects to make a decision on the appeal quickly. burgundy and gold may be noticeably absent from the redskins' uniforms next season. >> the nfl is releasing new jerseys today for all 32 teams. some have interesting ideas about what the redskins will be wearing. look at this. this is one of the designs floating around on the internet. more red and yellow. the indian head on the logo is gone. and instead feather three years on the white helmet. all the speculation over new designs stems from a change in the official apparel provider for the league. nike will make the nfl's jersey for the next five years after a decade of gear made by reebok.
5:57 am
the new jerseys will be released at 11:00 this morning. i don't know. i really feel like part of the identity of the redskins is that burgundy and gold. this doesn't come close. >> more like a neon yellow, not gold. we don't know if this is the final thing we'll go with. >> something being talked about on the internet. >> you notice on the helmet, they took off the indian head. you see the feathers. that has opinion a point of controversy. >> absolutely -- been a point of controversy. >> absolutely. the name itself, some find the name itself and calls to change the entire name which might lead to a change in the entire uniform. who knows? >> right. it's been -- i don't know, 20 years or so since -- almost 30 years since they've dealt with this controversy with that image. so this may be a good solution. i don't -- like you said, i don't know about the color combination. looks kind of futuristic. >> maybe. i don't mind the design necessarily, i really think it needs to be burgundy gold. just saying. >> all right. >> lifelong redskins fan here. >> i'm with you. we're on board.
5:58 am
5:57 now. we are covering today's primaries around our region and in wisconsin. of course, weather & traffic on the 1s.
5:59 am
5:59, we're learning more it a suspected gunman who killed seveop


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